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LaDrea is a community of women working to serve and assist each other. Join to connect with a network of like-minded, supportive professionals. Whether you are looking for videos, lifestyle images, or reviews for your business, our community is here to help.

Professional Services

We are a group of classy women who care about your success. Our platform is designed to help you create the life of your dreams. It’s time to be empowered and join the network with other gorgeous, talented and successful women.


Are you a business owner that wants to effectively grow your audience? Get their attention with video. Video has more engagement than any other content on social media. If you have a product, service or a story that can create real value for people - then videos are a perfect way to get it in front of them.

Creative Content

There are many types of video's you can do as a business owner. Image videos, testimonial videos, demo videos - but the most important thing is to just get your brand in front of people.



Lifestyle Images


Service on another level

LaDrea is the first platform that connects brands with content creators, who embody a certain lifestyle, to build a community of support and guidance for women as they work towards their personal and professional goals.