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Is there a charge to set up an account?

You can set up your account free of charge, we take a 25% commission only when you receive a sale for the services that you offer.

How do I add my services?

Setting up your profile page Create your free account! Set up your profile. Click the “List a Service” tab on the top menu bar. Select the services that you will be offering Connect your Zoom/other video chat account. Connect your PayPal account. Share your profile link with your audience Get notified by mail when you receive a booking request. Confirm the booking. Get paid.

Is there a way to list the days that I am available?


Is there a timeline to deliver services?

Yes, we ask that you deliver within 2-7 days unless agreed upon with the Buyer. Fast reliable service is critical in making sure that our clients are satisfied. Please do not accept a job if you are not able to fulfill it within the time frame agreed upon.

Should I list my business information?

No, we ask that you only list your first name. We are providing services for other businesses so personal branding is not allowed. Please do not conduct business outside of this platform for any transactions that are made on LaDrea. All communications should be via our email and not personal email or phone calls.

Will there be advertising opportunities available for service providers?

Yes, we will be offering video ads as well as featured ads.